Client: Private
Work:  Typography

Contemporary Interpretation of a wood type poster.

The mid-nineteenth century was the golden age of wood type. During this period, an enormous array of type-driven advertising posters were produced. Large in size, generally long and thin, these posters featured an exciting proliferation of type styles, often set very large, used to achieve dramatic, eye-catching visual impact without the use of any imagery.

I took this project as a challenge to create a contemporary interpretation of what a wood type poster might be, were it created by those who stand on the edge of society. Criminals, addicts, hermits, geeks, the homeless, punks, ethnic groups, the disabled, vampires, circus freaks - in short - the outsiders. Inspired by the opening lines of the 1932 Tod Browning movie "Freaks", describing the situation of people who are living on the perimeter of society, the question arose: what media would be used to create such a poster?

The final result was produced through using a variety of different approaches including sandpaper, newspaper, burning, cutting, staining, ripping, crumpling, xeroxing, stabbing, blood, coffee grinds, etching, cardboard, hair, tearing, garbage, paper towels, felt-tip, oils, liquids, plastic bags, spray paint, labellers, glue and twigs.

With it came a zine, crafted in the same fashion, describing the process of the poster.