Done In a Flash

A school photographer's app that streamlines session workflow.

Artona (as UX Lead for Conquer Mobile)

User Research, Wireframes, UX, UI


An app to lead students and aid photographers moving through a graduation photo session. 



Originally, students visiting for a photo shoot would register on arrival and be given a set of paper tickets identifying the client and the various poses they had requested. As they moved throughout the various studio rooms, they would present the photographer with the paper tickets which would be scanned and attached as metadata to the photos. Artona wanted to effectivise and digitize the workflow.



I served as the only designer on the project. Through frequent evaluation meetings with the Artona customer client relations team – consisting of managers and photographers alike – I wrote the user personas and user stories which I then used to create the interactive wireframes for testing. As the UX designer, I visited the studio for a personal photo shoot to experience the workflow issues first hand. This enabled us to create the MVP app which we then deployed. I then observed students and photographers use the app and conducted an introductory workshop with the staff on how to use it.

With the new solution, students are given a tablet on arrival with a login kiosk. Students choose their poses, hand the tablet to the photographer in each room and review photos before moving to the next room. At the end of the shoot, students fill out a quick survey and hand the tablet back. Artona then produces a proof book to send out to each student. Students now move quickly and efficiently though the studios, reducing wait times. Photographers can instantly see what is needed for each student and the studio is more efficient in producing the proof books.

Waiting times are reduced and studio workflow is more efficient from beginning to end. (After the solution was implemented, the studio had their first on-time work-day in years.)

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