Being Less Camp

A visual identity update for an event venue in a pristine environment.

Camp Fircom Society of the United Church of Canada

Branding, Visual Identity



Camp Fircom’s purpose is to provide opportunities for people to form a healthy, sustainable community in nature. To create this type of community, Fircom offers traditional summer camp for kids, moms and kids, and families and programs that focus on the well-being of the individual, the group, and the environment. 



As a part of a 2008 overhaul, Camp Fircom decided to refresh their visual identity, reflecting the effort to project the organization as a modern outdoors event facility with passion for social and environmental progress.



I performed a visual audit at Fircom's location on Gambier Island, BC, capturing its special and serene atmosphere. The prefix "Camp" was then dropped to avoid pigeon-holing and widen the appeal, and a mark and visual identity guide were developed

The mark consists of a column of pebble-like shapes are balancing on each-other. Balancing a condition that requires peace of mind and focus to achieve, and a reminder that these rocks all depend on one-another to maintain this state. Inside each "pebble" is a reference to one of the levels of nature that is represented on the island. Each pebble is also partially masking off each element and in turn becomes an aperture, or a window, hinting that there is more to discover.


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