Mayor Progress for Public Transit

A campaign to improve public transit for all Metro Vancouver students.

Emily Carr Students' Union, Students' Union of Vancouver Community College, Douglas Students’ Union

Branding, Communications strategy, Social media


The Mayors’ Council and TransLink developed a plan for Metro Vancouver’s transit system to prepare the region for the one million new residents expected to arrive in the next 30 years - and how to protect the environment, strengthen the economy and improve quality of life. To fund the plan, a plebiscite was held regarding a  0.5% tax increase.



I was asked by a coalition of student unions to aid in their campaign to convince the student population of British Columbia that voting 'yes' was in their best interest. The challenge was to distill down what the students cared about into a easy-to-comprehend message, adaptable across various media – all within 3 weeks, and on a shoestring budget.



In collaboration with Lori MacDonald and Tiffany Ottahal we developed the core message "Better Transit = Better U-Pass". Using this as the starting point, I developed the visual identity and produced all collateral. I put a premium on shareable collateral and tried to instill a sense of humour into an otherwise tense debate.

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