No Gifts For You!

A PSA on the dangers of talking on the phone whilst driving.




The Canada Safety Council, the UK Department for Transport and Mothers Against Drunk Driving all advocate against combining driving and cell phone use and argue that driving is one of the most demanding tasks one can undertake, yet a lot of drivers treat this lightly. Unless you always give the driving task your top priority, you’re bound to have a mishap sooner or later - and it could be a serious one. In collaboration with Theresa Wong.



Creating a Public Service Announcement that would quickly make the viewer aware of the danger of talking on the cell phone while driving.


In order to create awareness of a dangerous situation that many people consider harmless and ordinary – occurring more frequently during the Christmas holiday rush – we decided to go for a direct holiday-themed approach, targeting places where people would take their cars while very possibly chatting with someone over the phone about what they just had purchased.

To illustrate this, posters of bloody santas and elves are placed underneath the trunks of cars parked outside major shopping sites around the city. As the drivers come back to their cars, eager to tell their friends and family about their purchases, they find the posters, letting them know that they accidentally ran over Santa when parking.

Studio lighting, guidance and santa modelling by Jason Edwards.

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