Fair Transit For Everyone

A campaign to secure fair transit for all Metro Vancouver students.

Students' Union of Vancouver Community College, Emily Carr Students' Union & Canadian Federation of Students

Branding, Communications strategy, Social media



The One Pass Now campaign was created by student unions representing 65,000 students in British Columbia to achieve the goal of expanding the highly successful Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) program to all public post secondary institutions in the Metro Vancouver for a cost of $25/month.



Publicly funded educational institutions were being treated differently by the BC government depending on the size of their student population. Larger and more affluent institutions received cheaper U-Passes, while the smaller and poorer ones had to pay more for theirs. This wasn't fair, and the government needed to change its policies.



I was part of the team that defined the campaign's messaging. I then designed the visual identity and all collateral, opting for a fun, youthful identity to lighten up the otherwise contentious relationship between the government and the student movement. Together with McAllister Research, a social media campaign was conducted, building up toward the U-Pass Bash, an event where over a thousand students showed up to manifest their support for the U-Pass and to send their message live, directly to the Premier.

The campaign achieved its goal as then-Premier of British Columbia Gordon Campbell and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Shirley Bond announced that 29 million dollars had been secured to provide a province-wide $30 U-Pass for all Metro Vancouver students in public post-secondary educational institutions.