Made to Measure

An app to record and manage water quality measurements – wirelessly.

Pentair AES (as UX Lead for Conquer Mobile)

Wireframes, UX, UI


Pentair developed an innovative sensor device that allows wireless communication of water quality measurements directly to a smart phone. The instrument allows users to view and store data streaming directly from sensors deployed in the water to their smart phone and can be connected to a multitude of Pentair sensors displaying a wide range of water quality measurements such as dissolved oxygen, temperature, total gas pressure & pH value.



My team were tasked with making an app that would wirelessly read the transmissions from Pentair's transmitters and collect the water quality data. Technicians out in the field could be sampling infrequent data from multiple geographic locations or from a single, much more frequent location. The app needed to be intuitive enough for a technician to be able download for the first time and start using it right away.



To optimize for these scenarios, I worked quickly and iteratively with multiple data capture screens to make sure that the flow and the functionality were appropriate for how the app would be used in the field; special consideration was taken to create a flow that got first-time users started quickly; the UI was designed with first-use "coach-marks" that guide the user through the setup process. Due to the fact the app was going to be used in different weather conditions, emphasis was put on prominently displaying the most crucial information for easy, at-a-glance access.