New Visual Identity for PWP

A visual identity update for Professional Women Photographers.

Professional Women Photographers

Branding, Communication Design


Visual Identity for Professional Women Photographers – a group of over 200 photographers based in Manhattan. The organization is operated solely by volunteers, working for the advancement of women within the field of photography.



Even though today the number of women photographers in the U.S. is about equal to men, PWP reminds us that there is still a need to hear women speak about how they have created lives for themselves, combining photography with other demands such as parenting and partnering. For an identity for such a diverse organization as PWP, it was important to visualize that each member is an individual, while maintaining the image of a solid group. It was also necessary to avoid the gender clichés and focus on the professionalism.



My solution became to use the varying states of the shutter - one of the unifying things of all the members - with the possibility of varying each state in an infinite amount of colours to represent the dynamism and diversity that characterizes the organization.

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