The Most Destructive Project on Earth

A campaign against the Tar Sands during the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Dogwood Initiative

Branding, Advertising


Canada's oil sands - also known as the Tar Sands - have been called the most destructive project on earth. Fuel from the oil sands is the dirtiest in the world, producing three times the global warming pollution as conventional oil. The oil sands extraction and production process requires clear-cutting giant swaths of ancient forest and leaving behind toxic lakes so large they can be seen from space.


To raise awareness about the Tar Sands (how they affect winter and the games) - to gain support for the larger goal of prohibiting oil tankers running through the Georgia Strait - one of the world's best preserved marine eco systems.



Together with Dogwood Initiative, a "Save Winter" campaign was conducted during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The main protagonists of the campaign were a family of polar bears that were being ousted from the arctic home due to global warming. Unable to practise their winter sports, they travel to Vancouver to raise awareness of their situation and to convince people to support the campaign so that they can return to their wintry home. Apart from constructing narrative, my task was to create the visual language around the campaign.

Traditional campaigning material such as a website, buttons, postcards and three giant polar bears walking the street were branded, and as a follow-up to a previous campaign by ReThink – the supporter could also download stickers from the website to put on their "Toonies" (The Canadian $2 coin).