A system to visualize the caretaker-caregiver relationship.


Interaction Design, Industrial Design



Sensimo is a three-part system that visualizes emotions through colour by sensing and interpreting biosignals. It was developed in order to enhance the emotional relationship between caregivers and clients with advanced physical and verbal disabilities.

In collaboration with Lydia Cambron and Lisa Säfwenberg.



Communicating emotions is hard enough with a fully able body, but making oneself understood when partially or fully paraplegic is a whole different task. How does one aid a client in communicating their needs?

By providing the caregiver with a visual representation of their client’s otherwise unexpressed emotional state, the caregiver can gain an awareness of how their client is feeling and respond with informed care. By enabling the caregiver to better understand their client’s feelings they have the opportunity to develop a closer bond that may not have otherwise been possible.



Together with Lydia and Lisa, I performed user research, prototyped concepts and developed a system for the caregiver environment.

Through several small sensors within a wristband worn by the client, biosignals can be read and transmitted instantly to the wristband of the caregiver. Once the signals are received, they are interpreted and presented through coloured light. The caregiver becomes aware of changes in the client’s emotional state. The caregiver’s wristband records the information to be input in a terminal at the end of the day. The terminal then records and displays the information over a timeline for multiple caregivers to view and discuss.

By sensing several biosignals (signals from the body) a generalized emotional state can be inferred based on a scale of valance (negative to positive) and arousal (level of intensity). Readings are non-specific and allow the caregiver to subjectively interpret the meaning behind the colours displayed.