Aboriginal Workers - Native App

An app enabling support workers to help aboriginal students.

Surrey School District (as UX Lead for Conquer Mobile)

Wireframes, UX, UI


The Surrey School District (SSD) is the largest school district in British Columbia and oversees the reporting from 65 Aboriginal Student Education Enhancement Workers: staff who visits with Aboriginal students at home and in school to assist them with cultural, academic, social and emotional support as well as parent liaison and advocacy. 



Each Enhancement Worker sees up to 60 students per week and requires an easy way to document, edit and review the records of their students' progress. The task was to create an efficient way of taking notes and mapping the work to the district's Aboriginal Education Agreement Goals (as well as uploading the information to the school’s server for data continuity ). The goal was to build a mobile tool to simplify this process.



As the sole UX and UI designer on the team it was my job to construct user personas, user narratives and wireframes. The goal was to create a friendly, intuitive experience that felt conducive for workers to capture stories with “richer”, holistic-picture information about students’ progress and wellbeing.  Based on user feedback from the District Board and on-the-ground enhancement workers, I then incrementally improved on the wireframes, the flow and the UI.