Love by the Book

A social media campaign for the new students' agenda.

Students' Union of Vancouver Community College

Branding, Communications Strategy, Social Media


At the beginning of every school year, the SUVCC hands out its free handbook. It’s a popular way of reaching new students while providing them with useful information about their new place of study. The handbook is also the main channel through which new students find out about the union. 



As the cover was due for a new design, the challenge became to make the handbook into something more than just a tome, but to create a buzz around campus. 



Together with the SUVCC organizer, I developed a small social media campaign where the cover became an interactive component. The students were prompted by the handbook to photograph themselves with the handbook next to them in fun poses. The student with the most likes would get a prize, and to reward creativity, there would be a runner-up prize for the most creative and stylish poses. 

1,300 students partook in the challenge, and the SUVCC’s Facebook-page likes increased by 21%.

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