Rethinking the SUVCC Brand

A brand refresh for the Students Union of VCC.

Students' Union of Vancouver Community College

Branding, Communications strategy



The Students’ Union of Vancouver Community College (VCC) was formed in 1974. As a part of caring about the wellbeing of its membership, the SUVCC is connected to the heart of campus life, providing students with access to recreation, events, and opportunities to contribute to the community.


Due to the significant restructuring that occurred with a merger of the three VCC unions, the need to define and coherently communicate the new SUVCC’s vision and values were greater than ever. As VCC’s student population changed and grew, it was important that the union stayed in touch with its members’ concerns and that the qualities of the organisation were articulated on a visual, verbal and experiential level. To make students, management and faculty recognise SUVCC’s efforts and place within the institution, a stronger understanding of SUVCC’s position both internally and externally would help the union connect to, and engage its stakeholders in the coming years.



At the time there was no strategy for the new union to communicate its identity with its stakeholders. To understand how the SUVCC was perceived by those around them, I conducted a brand audit was in close collaboration with the SUVCC organiser through interviews and workshops with approximately 1,200 VCC students across 14 different programs. VCC staff and administration were also interviewed.

The research revealed areas where the SUVCC had the opportunity to improve its brand and take on a leadership role. I then distilled these insights into a brand strategy document that serve as the foundation for the new SUVCC brand. Together with the brand strategy, I eveloped a proprietary typeface by the name of SUVCC Display to complement my production of environmental graphics, posters, stationery and other collateral.