The Vas Deferens of Living with Cancer

An app to aid difficult conversations between urologists and patients.

GenomeDx (as UX Lead for Conquer Mobile)

Wireframes, UX, UI


Urologists use basic visual imagery and verbal analogy in patient consultations as a way of relaying information to the patient about their disease or treatment options. GenomeDx identified that a mobile health app that utilizes dynamic 3D imagery could transform patient consultations by acting as a tool to facilitate physician-patient interactions, improving communication and understanding. The app can be used in the company’s current focus area of prostate cancer care but also more widely throughout other areas of urology.



GenomeDx needed an iPad app that would present a 3D interactive model of the male pelvis, enabling urologists to rotate, zoom and explore anatomical features as a way of facilitating the explanation of a patient’s condition, treatment options and prognosis. To further personalize the app, the team built in draw and annotation features along with print and email functions so that urology practices can provide patients with an individualized report they can take home. Patients often experience information overload during consultations, so having a personalized copy to take home relieves some of the anxiety around understanding their options and provides patients with meaningful information to reference at a later point.



I based the design of the app off GenomeDx's studies into urology clinical practice, shadowing and interviewing urologists. For the UI, I needed to balance the professionalism that the urologist needed, but not be so gloomy as to cause the patient more anxiety. The result was a mobile health app that can be used across the continuum of urology patient care from early discussion of symptoms to diagnosis and treatment options through to post-treatment prognosis.

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